Mozzarella Machine Mini Compact




Mozzarella Machine designed for a production output of about 100 kg/h. It includes a shredding unit, a stretching unit with dipping arms and a molding unit.  The mozzarella machine MINICOMPACT is the ideal solution for small dairies. A production of mozzarella can be started on a small scale, using this machine to work the curd coming from a third party supplier, or from scratch starting from milk.
The machine is totally manufactured in stainless steel AISI 304 (UNI X 5 Cr Ni 18 10) and it is extremely safe, easy for production changes, easy to be used and cleaned.
The possibility to work with curds coming from different production technologies (with biological, chemical or mixed fermentation) gives to this machine the possibility to obtain different types of cheeses.
The curd, put by hand in a vertical hopper, is cut in small pieces by a cutter with rotary disk with the possibility to adjust the cutting thickness by acting on the knives disposition.
The cut product falls inside the mixing vat where is delicately stretched by a stretching system with dipping arms; the hot water necessary to the stretching is introduced in the upper part of the vat through a self-priming delivery pump and a proper pipe.

The lower part of the mixing vat and the moulding head are equipped with jacket where it is possible to feed hot water from the outside to keep the working temperature.
The fat milk is drained through a lateral hole of the vat, equipped with strainer with gasket.
When the cheese is stretched, the movable locking device of the mixing vat is taken away and the cheese enters in the moulding section; this section is made up of a sloping auger that moves the cheese towards a cylindrical moulding drum in alimentary plastic material.
The speed of the mould and of the auger can be adjusted in the best way to get the final cheese type thanks to the motor-variator-reducer units. On the cylindrical surface of the drum there are some hollows that correspond in negative to the shape of the product.
Before the inlet of the cheese into the mould the pasta filata goes through a pressing tool, in this way it is possible to get a cheese with different moisture as per the specific requirements of the operator.

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    • Structure in stainless steel AISI 304 (UNI X 5 Cr Ni 18 10).

    • Production rate 100 kg/h

    • Electrical motor of the cutter with constant speed

    • Electrical motor of the mixing arms with constant speed

    • Electrical motors with mechanical speed variation for feeding auger and moulding drum (mechanical variator)

    • Hot water jacket on the mixing chamber and the moulding head

    • Stretching with dipping arms

    • Automatic spherical moulding from 5 to 300 g (with proper drum moulds to be bought separately)

    • Automatic cylindrical moulding from 300 g to 1.000 g (with proper tool for silani to be bought separately)

    • Tool for variable pressing of the pasta

    • Self-priming pump for delivery of stretching water

    • Electrical plant on machine border and waterproof control panel

    • General board in polyester on machine border

  • Mechanical and electromechanical protections on dangerous areas



1,1×1,35×2,05 m


475 kg


3,5 kW


150 l/h


400 V – 3ph


50 Hz

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