Automatic Pasta Sheeter: CA540-600/15ES



Automatic Pasta Sheeter
Automatic Pasta Sheeter designed for large fresh pasta productions. It’s main function is to automatically carry out the kneading and pasta sheet forming. It automatically forms rolls of dough to feed forming machines for ravioli and tortellini, as well as pasta cutters to produce long pasta products.
The extremely sturdy structure and the technical solutions of our design (tempered and lubricated gears, coaxial gear motor, sealed bearing with “life”-lubrication) guarantee a noiseless running, minimum maintenance and ideal for industrial use on a continuous cycle. It can be set up in combination with with a batch pasta mixer lifted by elevator or with a conveyot belt, as well as with a countinuous mixer.
The hygienic design incorporates a twin sidewall construction which creates a distance between the bearings and the working area so any product can be easily removed. There are no sharp edges and incorporates a tilting hopper for deep and quick cleaning. All food contact parts are made in stainless steel or a food grade material. The machine is provided with motor driven loading hopper, double passage gremole, final calibrating rollers (wide diameter) all in stainless steel, pasta sheet conveyer belt, control devices, command, control and safety devices according to CE standard. Available with sheet width from 500 to 800 mm.

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Hourly Production

540: 600 Kg 600: 600 Kg

Sheet Width

540: 540 mm 600: 600 mm

Sheet Thickness

540: 6 – 7 mm 600: 6 – 7 mm

Tank Capacity

540: 65 Kg 600: 65 Kg


540: 1580 x 1250 x 1800 mm 600: 1650 x 1250 x 1800 mm

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