Ravioli Machine Komby 160



Ravioli Machine Komby 160

Ravioli Machine and Pasta Machine Combined

Mixer, Sheeter, Cutter and Ravioli Forming Unit for the automatic production of long pasta, lasagna, double sheet ravioli individually cut and  filled with soft foods like meat, cheese, vegetable, fish molded into various shapes.

The mixer is provided with removable mixing shaft for easy and thorough cleaning.

The sheeter consists of 3 sets of rollers designed to achieve a moist, pliable dough, at room temperature.

The ravioli machine produces double sheet ravioli with interchangeable molds> Many shapes and sizes are available: round, square, triangle, half-moon, mushroom, and also several fancy shapes.

The pasta cutter comes with interchangeable dies to produce: linguine, fettuccine, tagliatelle, pappardelle, lasagna sheets. Both thickness and length of pasta is adjustable for product variety and also for weight control.

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Ravioli Pasta Machine
Automated Mixer-Sheeter Pasta Cutter and Ravioli Maker

Output: 70 Lbs. of Pasta per Hour

Output: 150 Lbs. of Ravioli per Hour

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