Ravioli Machine RCA 300 C




Ravioli Machine for the production of double-sheet ravioli suited to medium scale productions. Injection type, ideal for fillings with meat or any food containing fat.
Provided with separate lobe pump unit to be used for different consistency of fillings. Control panel designed to easily adjust the speed of calibrators, forming die and filling pump for all kind of ravioli.
Provided with 2 calibrators in the rear to allow free access to the die and to ensure a good alignment of both pasta sheets.

The system to distribute the filling with rods guarantees the perfect pinching of the raviolo even with fat filling. The technical solutions adopted have allowed to realize a reliable machine with reduced maintenance requirements.

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    • Interchangeable dies with different shapes: square, round, half-moon and special shapes.

    • Mechanical device to extract the raviolo from the cutting roller.

    • Continuous filling feeder device also suitable for fat filling, set on castors with quick
      release for cleaning.

    • Filling distribution system by rods with single injector.

    • Overlapped twin laminating rollers set at the back with independent, mechanical
      speed adjustment. Independent sheet thickness adjustment.

    • Automatic conveyor belts feeding from the rollers to the die.

    • Removable outfeed conveyor belt.

    • Adjustable machine, filling feeder and die speed by mechanical variator.

    • Motor-gearbox and bearings lubricated for life.

    • Cams and gears casehardened and tempered.

  • Electrical system according to CEI.

Available Upon Request

    • Scraps cutter and recovery device (for round, half-moon and special shapes).

  • Adjustable sheet speed by electronic variator (inverter).


Hourly Output

250 – 350 Kg

Sheet Width

300 mm


1200 x 900 x 1650 mm

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