Cheese Coagulation Vat CF40 CF60 CF80 CF100



Cheese Coagulation Vat
Cheese Coagulation Vat designed to process cow’s milk or ovine’s milk according to planning and manufacturing criteria able to obtain the best in yield and quality of the product and to guarantee a still bigger sanitizing and reliability.
It is possible to obtain indifferently curds for paste filate (mozzarella, pizza-cheese, provolone, etc.), for fresh cheeses or for seasoned cheeses like pecorino and caciotta.
The machine is made up of a cylindrical vat with circular section, placed with its longitudinal axle in horizontal position, fixed on four strong supports in stainless steel; the lower part of the vat, equipped with jacked heated with steam, is sloping towards the discharge; this last one is made up of a pneumatic valve on-off DN100 used for discharge of curd and cleaning solutions.
On the two sides of the vat, on the two plates with shaped bottom with a light swelling, the teflon-coated curd churner with horizontal axle is hinged;

it is made up of a series of sloping blades and balanced stirrers that guarantee the homogeneous mixing up and cut of the curd in the wished size; the special manufacturing features of the curd churner together with the geometry of the vat allow to improve some phases of the technological process of coagulation and curd maturation.
The curd churner is put into action by electro-mechanical drives (electrical motor and mechanical reducer) controlled by inverter in order to obtain the exact dimension of the curd grain.
Inside the vat there are assembled the pipes ending with two rotary cleaning sprinklers for rinsing at the end of the cycle or for automatic sanitizing at the end of the production; a smaller sprinkler is placed on the vat for curd dosage. Cleaning solutions are drained from the vat through the discharge DN100 equipped with pneumatic valve on-off. Control of the machine (movements and curd cycles, times and speeds) is made by a programmable logic controller (PLC) equipped with a computerized program on which it is possible to store up to 5 production cycles.

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  • Structure in stainless steel AISI 304 (UNI X 5 Cr Ni 18 10)

  • Servo-ventilated electrical motor of the cutter with electronic control of the speed (by inverter)

  • Inspection door to display the working cycle

  • Control of the working menus by PLC

  • Jacket for curd heating (steam max. pressure 0,5 bar)

  • Vat for curd distribution
  • Teflon-coated curd churner

  • Supports of the cutter shaft with flushed gaskets controlled by solenoid valve

  • Cleaning pipes and rotary sprinklers to be connected to an external centralized CIP plant

  • Pneumatic valve on-off DN100 for curd discharge

  • Waterproof control panel in stainless steel

  • Power board in stainless steel (on machine border)



CF40: 2,2×2,3×2,8 m CF60: 3×2,3×2,8 m CF80: 3,8×2,3×2,8 m CF100: 4,6×2,3×2,8 m


CF40: 4.000 l/ciclo CF60: 6.000 l/ciclo CF80: 8.000 l/ciclo CF100: 10.000 l/ciclo


CF40: 2.000 kg CF60: 2.500 kg CF80: 2.700 kg CF100: 3.000 kg


CF40: 25.000 l/h CF60: 25.000 l/h CF80: 25.000 l/h CF100: 25.000 l/h


CF40: 4 kW CF60: 4 kW CF80: 4 kW CF100: 4 kW


CF40: 400 V – 3ph CF60: 400 V – 3ph CF80: 400 V – 3ph CF100: 400 V – 3ph


CF40: 50 Hz CF60: 50 Hz CF80: 50 Hz CF100: 50 Hz

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