Cheese Molding Machine

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Cheese Molding Machine
Cheese Molder designed to produce “pasta filata” cheese: Mozzarella, pizza cheese,
scamorza, string cheese, oaxaca cheese.
The “pasta filata” is loaded into the hopper feeds non-stop (with the movement of the augers) the moulding section in which spherical or cylindrical shapes can be obtained, inserting the special moulds.
The two augers for pasta filata advancement are put in action by a motor-variator mechanical-reducer unit; also the moulding drum is moved by a similar unit with the possibility to change the speed by hand.
The machine body is equipped with a hot water jacket in order to keep the temperature of the product constant; water heating occurs thanks to an electrical resistance that, thanks to a feeler PT100 and a thermoregulator, comes into action when the water temperature appears under the value set on the controls panel.

Surfaces which come into contact with the product are completely teflon-coated, edges are rounded with big connection rays (> 3 mm) to facilitate machine cleaning and sterilization.
Seal rings are made of an alimentary material, and are assembled on supports that make bearing inspection easier and prevent seepages into the work section.
Electrical controls are housed in a waterproof stainless steel board, where also the power part is placed.

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  • Structure in stainless steel AISI 304 (UNI X 5 Cr Ni 18 10)

  • Production rate: 250-600 kg/h for H2JM-R (variable according to the product size)
    400-900 kg/h for H4JM-R (variable according to the product size)

  • Electro-mechanical drives with mechanical variation of the speed (mechanical variator).

  • 2 (4) auger feed conveyors.

  • Spherical automatic moulding 10-600 g with drum moulds (to be bought separately).

  • Semi-automatic cylindrical moulding 50-500 g (braids) or 200-4.000 (silani – shaped cheese) with carousels (to be bought separately).
  • Continuous braids and knot moulding.

  • Built-in production counter.

  • Hot water jacket with heating with electrical resistance, feeler PT100 and thermoregulator.

  • Jacket temperature display on control panel.

  • Electrical plant on machine border.

  • Control and power board in stainless steel.

  • Mechanical and electromechanical protections on dangerous areas.


Section A

Model H2JM-R: 1.100 mm Model H4JM-R: 1.200 mm

Section B

Model H2JM-R:: 1.100 mm Model H4JM-R: 1.100 mm

Section C

Model H2JM-R:: 2.100 mm Model H4JM-R: 2.000 mm


Model H2JM-R:: 300 kg Model H4JM-R: 350 kg


Model H2JM-R:: 2,5 kW Model H4JM-R: 2,5 kW


Model H2JM-R:: 400 V – 3ph Model H4JM-R: 400 V – 3ph


Model H2JM-R:: 50 Hz Model H4JM-R: 50 Hz
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