Cheese Molding Machine H4XM H6XM



Cheese Molding Machine
Cheese Molding Machine consisting of a central body where the augers that push the pasta filata inside the molding section are housed; on the upper part the loading hopper is fixed through some screws; the whole equipment is assembled on a support structure with three tubular legs. At the end of the augers body the drum molding section is placed, it is tighten against the machine body thanks to a lever system.
The pasta filata cheese coming from the stretching machine is loaded into the hopper and picked up by the augers that feed non-stop the molding section in which spherical or cylindrical shapes could be obtained, inserting the special molds.

The 4 or 6 augers for pasta filata advancement are put in action by an unit made up of an electrical motor controlled by a vectorial inverter and a double reducer; from the control panel on machine border, the couple delivered by the exit motor is set, by turning a potentiometer; the vectorial inverter allows the automatic variation of the exit speed according to the applied resistant couple; this system guarantees the constancy of the pasta filata pressure in the molding section. The molding drum is moved by a motor electric-reducer unit with the possibility to change the speed continuously through inverter.

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  • Structure in stainless steel AISI 304 (UNI X 5 Cr Ni 18 10)

  • Electro-mechanical drive of the mulding drum with electronic control of the speed (inverter)

  • Electro-mechanical drive of the augers with instantaneous adaptation of the speed to the resistant couple

  • 4 or 6 auger feed conveyors

  • Teflon-coating on the parts in contact with the product
  • Built-in production counter

  • Work sections with jacket

  • Lever system for the hermetic seal of distributor and drum mold against the machine body

  • Arrangement to the automatic CIP cleaning with cleaning pipes and sprinklers

  • Electrical plant on machine border and waterproof control panel in stainless steel

  • Power board in plastic or fiberglass-reinforced plastic



H4XM: 1,4×1,4×1,8 m H6XM: 1,4×1,8×1,8 m


H4XM: 400-1.000 kg/h H6XM: 600-1.400 kg/h


H4XM: 350 kg H6XM: 400 kg


H4XM: 1,5 kW H6XM: 2 kW


H4XM: 4.000 l/h H6XM: 6.000 l/h


H4XM: 400 V – 3ph H6XM: 400 V – 3ph


H4XM: 50 Hz H6XM: 50 Hz

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