Mozzarella Stretching Machine FB2



Mozzarella Stretching Machine
Mozzarella Stretching Machine designed to process very soft pasta filata for mozzarella or dryer pasta filata for pizza-cheese. Into the stretching section where the dipping arms mix and stretch the curd delicately up to reach the wished moisture degree. The cut curd coming from the pasta-cutter (to be bought separately) is made advance by two counter-rotary augers inside a feeding tunnel, built in double wall; the two augers make also a pre-stretching before the inlet into the section with dipping arms where the definitive stretching takes place. During the process it is possible to control visually the productive cycle at each moment.
All the operating devices are electromechanical with speed controlled electronically by inverter.

The hot water is sent to the feeding points placed both into the feeding tunnel and into the mixing vat; the capacity can be regulated through manual micrometric valves; fat water is taken away through waste pipes and movable pipes which allow to regulate the level of the liquid inside the machine. All the wastes are recovered in a vat, equipped with grilled strainer, connected to a sanitary centrifugal pump.
Augers, stretching tunnel and mixing arms are completely teflon-coated. Working sections are separated from the organs that gives the movement to the augers by a special chamber.
Feeding augers of the curd are assembled on special silicon supports, with double water barrier to guarantee the perfect separation between the motor part and the working area: inside the space between the two gaskets (about 20 mm) some water delivered by a solenoid valve flows only when the augers are moving.

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  • Structure in stainless steel AISI 304 (UNI X 5 Cr Ni 18 10) thickness 3 mm

  • Servo-ventilated electrical motors with electronic speed control (by inverter) for all the movement devices (augers and mixing arms)

  • Double pre-stretching auger (? 200 mm)

  • Double wall on the feeding tunnel

  • Stretching with dipping arms and double mixing section

  • Manual regulation of stretching water quantity

  • Teflon-coating on augers, mixing arms and machine body
  • Pipes and cleaning sprinklers to be connected to external centralized plant

  • Vat with strainer in stainless steel for recovery of whey and cleaning solutions connected to a sanitary centrifugal pump controlled by level feelers

  • Electrical plant on machine border and waterproof control panel in stainless steel

  • Power board in stainless steel (if on board), in polyester or galvanized metal-sheet (if remote)

  • Machine connecting cables with power board

  • Mechanical and electromechanical protections on dangerous areas



FB2-1200: 3,2×1,2×2,7 m FB2-1800: 3,8×1,2×2,7 m FB2-2400: 4,4×1,2×2,7 m


FB2-1200: 800-1.100 kg/h FB2-1800: 1.200-1.500 kg/h FB2-2400: 1.600-2.000 kg/h


FB2-1200: 1.200 kg FB2-1800: 1.350 kg FB2-2400: 1.500 kg


FB2-1200: 1.650 l/h FB2-1800: 2.250 l/h FB2-2400: 3.000 l/h


FB2-1200: 14.000 l/h FB2-1800: 16.000 l/h FB2-2400: 20.000 l/h


FB2-1200: 11 kW FB2-1800: 11 kW FB2-2400: 13 kW


FB2-1200: 400 V – 3ph FB2-1800: 400 V – 3ph FB2-2400: 400 V – 3ph


FB2-1200: 50 Hz FB2-1800: 50 Hz FB2-2400: 50 Hz

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