Pasta Machines

For over 28 years, we have selected our pasta machines from the best Italian manufacturers, bringing their most successful, finest quality machines to our clients. Our site provides listings for each commercial pasta machine offered. Each listing provides a complete range of specifications and data and also explains the type of production that each machine is suited for. A PDF file with this information is available on each listing for you to download.

Our services include on-demand installation of the pasta equipment as well as training in the manufacturing process. We are also available, in partnership with the manufacturer, for designing and manufacturing customized versions of these machines and dies.

Our Selection of Commercial and Industrial Pasta Machines:


Consider the advantages of in-house fresh pasta making!

  1. Offering the value of a gourmet product versus commercial ones (bulk dry pasta)
  2. Featuring a menu with a much larger variety of fresh pasta products including gourmet ravioli and lasagna
  3. Shorter cooking time compared to dry pasta.
  4. Higher quality pasta for a lower price.

The Pasta and Ravioli Machine “Modula” is the best machine to achieve these goals.
Watch our video on the Pasta Machine Modula page.


Here is an exciting food service based business you can start with just one piece of equipment and a small investment!

With one machine, the “Komby 160″, you can challenge the market place with healthy exciting gourmet products like: Fresh pasta or frozen, locally made ravioli, lasagna, fettuccine, linguine, pappardelle. Help your clients (restaurants, retail stores, farmers markets) to increase their business by offering excellent pasta products, without the burden of manufacturing.

Watch our video on the Komby 160 page.
Higher output machines, batch system based, are shown both in the “Small Production” and the “Medium Production” pages.


Streamline you operation by implementing higher output equipment!

Automatic, continuous operation equipment will increase your profit by minimizing your labor cost. Superior engineering standards will refine the hygiene standards of your facility.

Example: Watch our video on the Ravioli Machine RCA 300. Most of these machines are shown in the “Large Production” Industrial Machine page.