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Italian Quality Products offers 28 years of experience working in pasta machine and mozzarella machine equipment. Our services for direct imports include shipping, custom brokerage, delivery to your location, on-site testing, installation and training. Customer satisfaction is our goal. All machines are sold with at least one-year warranty and exploded drawings for identification of parts.

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De Romo's Gourmet Market of Bonita Springs, FL

De Romo's Gourmet Market De Romo's Gourmet Market De Romo's Gourmet Market

“Our search for Fine Italian Pasta Making Equipment was made easy once we followed the guidance of Italian Quality Products, Expert Riccardo Carretti.

His recommendation of the Komby 160 filled our needs for the De Romo's Gourmet Market and Restaurant. Long Pasta Cuts, Sheets and the Ravioli process are quick and fairly easy.

The Pasta Extruder P17 is a small work horse. Just right for all the shapes we need.
The Komby 160 was perfect for the "On Display" limited production space we have. It is impressive how such small machine can produce such large amount of ravioli of different shapes and sizes.

Riccardo's long time experience with machines, techniques and ingredients gave us the confidence we needed to launch our Fresh Pasta making Venture.

From the ordering process, Shipping, Customs and receiving the equipment, all went very smoothly.
Riccardo's visit for Equipment Plug-in, Set-up and training was a Must!
Sessions are long, hard work, but fun, delicious, and well worth it.

We look forward to our next set!!!”

Rosemarie & Rainer Drygala
De Romo's Gourmet Market, Pastaria & Restaurant

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Picture of Andre's Italian Restaurant

“Here at Andre’s Italian Restaurant, we tried for several years to purchase good quality ready made lasagna sheets and cheese ravioli.  We decided that it was time to start making our own after being disappointed and frustrated by the lack of consistency in the quality of the products from our suppliers.

We purchased the Komby 160 because we discovered that, with one machine, we could make lasagna sheets, cannelloni crepes, and cheese ravioli to our specifications without compromising quality or consistency.  The added bonus was that we recouped our investment in less than two years by making the products ourselves.

Riccardo Carretti was instrumental in helping us to decide which machine was best suited for our needs, and he was very helpful in teaching us how to actually use and maintain the machine.  We’ve been very pleased with the performance of the Komby 160 and how easy it is to operate, clean and maintain.  Leave it to the Italians to also make a machine that looks as good as it works!”

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Ravioli's - Clayton, CA

Pictures of Ravioli's Italian Market Place

“Our meals are handmade from scratch every day. We have a selection of fresh pasta and ravioli designed to give our customers the highest quality food at affordable prices.

Before starting our business we have spent quite some time to understand how we could do that. It was possible thanks to the pasta and ravioli machine we purchased from Italian Quality Products. Riccardo Carretti helped us to select the right machine for our operation and to achieve our business goals . He has given us comprehensive training and support. That has really made a difference for us.

The Komby 160 allows us not only to sell a fresh product made from scratch every day, but to run enough volume to be able to offer delivery and catering on a just-in-time basis.

We love the Komby 160, we can’t live without it!”

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