Small Production Pasta Machines

Our small production pasta machines are manufactured with different types of businesses (that make fresh pasta, ravioli, and tortellini) in mind. All of these machines have been designed to meet the budget and space requirements typical of those businesses and comply with the required safety and health standards.

For restaurants and independent food stores, we recommend the Pasta Machine Modula for manufacturing long pasta and ravioli and the Pasta Machine P17 for extruded short pasta.
For smaller wholesale operations, we offer the Ravioli Machine Komby 160, a small compact machine suitable for most startup operations. The Komby 160 is afforable, yet capable of producing up to 150lb/hour of fresh pasta products!

For wholesale operations that require more flexibility and a higher output, we offer a set of free standing machines which can be operated all together at the same time. The Pasta Machine CA 160 L, Pasta Cutter TA 155, Ravioli Machine RS 09, and others offer an output of up to 250lbs/hr.

Our Small Production Pasta Machines: